the space: a reflection of
individual values, beliefs,
philosophy of life & work.
It is a mirror of personal tastes and preferences.

just like no two individuals are alike,
no two spaces can be alike.

let us create such a space for you.

Avant Garde was founded by Mr. Prasad Shrimani and his wife Mrs. Ashwini Shrimani in the year 1995. With over 20 years of experience in the field of architecture, Mr. Prasad is an eminent architect and interior designer.

Their untamable passion for designing and beautifying places has made them one of the best architects in Pune. Avant Garde projects are unique landmarks and give Pune a new identity.

From a small unit in 1995, we have gradually grown into a proficient group. We have an experienced team of craftsmen and dedicated staff working with us. With remarkable work, we ensure timely delivery and effective resource management.

Commercial Interiors

We will effectively guide you in picking the right material, space distribution, and embellishing the room. Our services will help you in establishing the required business credibility. From assembly of new equipment, installation of furniture, slight alterations and modifications to final touch ups, we will not hand over the project till the client is fully satisfied.


We will create a home from a house, for you. We will utilize the limited space and help you achieve the right place for everything. Our customized approach allows clients to decorate their homes with our touch of creativity. The final outcome is always a contemporary space with sheer elegance and grace.

Residential Interiors

Our unique blend of innovative designs and effective use of available space differentiates us from others. Our designs ensure that there will be plenty of room for everything without compromising on aesthetics. We will pick the best color combinations and perfectly accessorize your room. We will create a space that you will never want to leave.


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4, Payal, 113/2A, 14th Lane, Prabhat Rd., Pune - 411004
Ph.: +9120 25459599